Innovation and co-creation

Innovation and co-creation

Engage with our Innovation Tribe to co-create the future

Find new ways of doing business. Find new ways to attract new customers and engage with them in a cool and different way. Using design thinking techniques during our co-creation workshops in the Innovation Garage in our Wavre office


To succeed in the experience economy, companies must evolve from a traditional, siloed mentality towards an integrative, systems-thinking approach - weaving together operational data with insights about human emotion and behaviour, and using intelligent technologies to extract more value from arising patterns.

We explore ways to improve your customer’s experience:

  • accelerate company-wide data-driven disruption
  • build loyalty and growth with great customer experiences
  • launch new business models with speed and flexibility
  • drive demand with great product experiences
  • control every source and category of spend
  • increases engagement and performance with an excellent workforce experience

We’ll translate the ideas into use cases and solutions applicable to a large variety of clients.


What we do for you

Together with you, our Innovation Tribe engages in design thinking and co-creation workshops.

Want some first-hand experience?

Visit TheValueChain Innovation Garage in Wavre and see intelligent technologies at work like Robotic Process Automation, Conversational AI, the Internet of Things, SAP Cloud, Extended Warehouse Management, scanning and smart label printing, to name a few.

TheValueChain is also participating in the SAP Customer Experience Centre in Brussels.

Used SAP Technologies

  • SAP Cloud Platform services
  • Innovation Tribe & Warriors
  • Innovation Garage
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Innovate to Accelerate
  • Experimentation
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Showcase
  • Co-creation with customers
  • ...

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