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TheValueChain & Metamaze: partners in intelligent document processing

TheValueChain has partnered up with Metamaze, a SaaS platform for intelligent document processing via artificial intelligence.

TheValueChain assists companies in automating tedious, repetitive and time-consuming processes with powerful, yet easy to use solutions. To offer its clients a powerful tool to process all corporate documents, TheValueChain has partnered up with Metamaze, a SaaS platform for intelligent document processing via artificial intelligence.

The automation advantage

Automation is key for companies that want to remain competitive in a fast-paced and quickly changing world. Anything that can be automated, should be automated. The advantages are clear: faster processes without the possibility of human error. To help businesses adopt this mindset and implement the necessary tools, TheValueChain, a Belgium-based IT and SAP consultancy firm, launched HyperChain.

‘Our hyperautomation offer focuses on low-code or no-code technology. This allows companies to start automating almost immediately. Examples include RPA bots, workflow engines, app development tools, process mining and artificial intelligence. Indeed, AI systems are powerful automation partners. For instance, AI offers opportunities to automatically process the many documents and emails that office workers now plough through every day. This is called intelligent document processing. According to McKinsey & Company, it is ‘the most commonly deployed automation technology after the piloting phase.’ However, it was exactly this feature that was still lacking in HyperChain’s toolbox’, explains Kenny Mattheyssen.

Intelligent document processing platform

TheValueChain started scanning the market for IDP partners and eventually found the SaaS platform Metamaze. ‘With intelligent document processing via artificial intelligence, we want to free employees from mind-numbing, repetitive data entry work and help them realise their true potential,’ says Niels Van Weereld CEO at Metamaze. ‘Metamaze can automate classification and data extraction from any document or email in a company. The underlying AI algorithms are able to be trained to classify and extract information from documents on its own. Our intuitive, no-coding platform was built for all business users without any coding or AI experience. It brings the power of AI to their fingertips and helps them reduce costs and improve customer and employee satisfaction.’

‘After some benchmarking, we decided to start collaborating with Metamaze for several reasons. First, we were convinced by the true machine learning capabilities of the platform. Second, Metamaze’s strong product roadmap proves that their system is future-proof. Third, we noticed that even after training the system with only the bare minimum, we still achieved the best results. And fourth, Metamaze was more than willing to work with us, since we both believe we complement one another,’ says Jonas Bert.

Pilot projects and beyond

TheValueChain and Metamaze have embarked on several projects together: building a purchase order confirmation and invoices model. ‘This is one of our most mentioned use cases when we pitch HyperChain to potential customers, so there is definitely a need in the market,’ explains Kenny Mattheyssen. ‘Afterwards, we could start working on models for invoices, quotation requests, email classification based on body content, etc. The ultimate goal is to fast build models that address the needs of specific customers, with as little training data as possible. Together, we will help companies process documents with less effort and more results.’

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