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Rising Star Academy

Fancy a new challenge?

Earn your spot in our Academy and become an SAP consultant!

SAP is the driving force behind innovative projects in the business world. As an SAP consultant, you do more than just implementing software. You are supporting businesses to optimise processes with state-of-the-art technology.

Rising Star Academy, tell me more.

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Does the combination of technology, business, and consultancy appeal to you? In our own Academy, we will not only make you familiar with the detailed in's and out's of SAP, but also spend time on enhancing your soft-skills. As you join a team of experienced consultants, you will never be alone. One chain, one team.

  • Deep dive. We take 20 young professionals through the SAP essentials for 7 weeks, starting at 6 February 2023.

  • Wide range. You’ll get trained in different SAP processes. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Invoicing, Sales to Purchasing, Manufacturing to Quality inspection within different industries. Think: Wholesale & Distribution, Utilities and Industrial Manufacturing.

  • Total package. Both during the Academy and later throughout your career, you'll get an extensive training and coaching. Top this off with an attractive salary and a challenging job and you get everything you need for a thriving professional life.

We are anything but your average IT crowd.

We know that we’re not the only SAP experts out there. However, we firmly believe that our culture is very different to that of our competitors.

5 characteristics that set us apart from the rest:

  1. One chain, one team
  2. Work hard, play hard(er)
  3. With great freedom comes great responsibility
  4. Skip the fluff
  5. Committed to the core

You don't have to take our word for it. Just come and find out for yourself!

Rising Star Academy 2023

Are you our rising star?

Participants of our Rising Star Academy have a lot to offer. You are a good communicator and listener, you like to take initiative, you are constantly learning and you function well in a team. A healthy dose of stress gives you an extra boost!

Besides your drive and motivation, you’ll increase your chances by ticking as many of these boxes as possible.
The Rising Star Academy is aimed at young professionals:

  • with a master’s degree or relevant experience;
  • with 2+ years of business experience in Logistics, Supply Chain​ or Customer Experience;
  • with a passion for business solutions & technologies;
  • who are fluent in English & speak Dutch or French as a second language;
  • who ideally have already worked with SAP or a similar software as a (key) user.

A fit for IT people only?
Not at all. You don’t need any specific IT knowledge.
A strong interest in the business consulting field is what we’re looking for.

The selection procedure

The 2023 edition has meanwhile started, so registration for this year is no longer possible.
We will be back next year! ;)

  1. Sign up
    We’d like to get to know you. Please fill in the form below and submit your Blitz moment of choice.

  2. Green light? Come to our Blitz evening!
    Does your profile meet the expectations? Then we officially invite you to a Blitz evening, on Wednesday 19 October and Wednesday 23 November 2022. The goal? To tell you more about our company and the Academy. During individual interviews, you will meet consultants, team leads and managers.

  3. Feedback on the match
    You will find out whether you have been selected to join our Academy within one week after the Blitz occurred.

Meet some of your future colleagues

These colleagues are delighted with their participation in the Rising Star Academy programme:

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