After Sales Specialist

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After Sales Specialist

You will be taking care of customers calling our certified SAP customer support desk.

You are the first point of contact at TheValueChain's IT service desk supporting our customers with questions and technical problems regarding SAP software.

You will answer incoming calls and emails providing technical assistance and advice. You solve all end user problems. You offer all the support that goes with and beyond excellent customer service.

You know the basic procedures of SAP. You are familiar with using SAP Solution Manager for support delivery, reporting and documentation. You follow the standard service procedures and precisely register all service desk tickets in the tracking software.

You are a professional who quickly empathizes with the customers and their situation. You are able to continuously adapt yourself. Eager to learn about the processes in a wide variety of sectors.

You are a strong communicator on the phone and write clearly, smoothly and flawlessly. Experience in customer service is highly valued.

Your patience is your strength. A real multi-tasker, who is stress resistant and keeps a cool head under all circumstances. You are open, transparent and straightforward. A master of communication.

Ask anyone at TheValueChain why she or he likes working for our company and the answer will be: because of the great atmosphere and the professionalism.

It’s impossible to define ‘a great atmosphere’. You can’t Google it. Ask someone what they mean, and you get the usual responses.

We are 1 team. Everyone is open and humble. Personal interaction and coaching are keywords in our working culture.

Walk around for a day in TheValueChain offices and you will see it. You will understand what our consultants mean. They like working. They are proud of their company. Of their profession. They will share with you what it feels like to be part of the family. And this family is growing, fast – with offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

What do our family members have in common? Their drive. They are professional without being rigid. Working independently in strong teams.

During our famous solution evenings, our consultants sharpen their expertise.

For knowledge sharing, we are also working with different formats like There small workgroups. We even have our own WhatsApp, our ShareBox, to chat and collaborate. Last but not least, the personal coaching sessions supporting your personal development and growth plan.

You can go wild every now and then. Correction, you have to 😊.

Watching sports games, concerts, grabbing a pint on a Friday evening. Snooker or table football during the break. Colleagues you like hanging out with in your spare time are hard to find. But not at TheValueChain …

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Elke Provost

Elke Provost

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